Hastings Street Noosa Luxury Apartments

You’ll find these Hastings Street Noosa luxury apartments quite irresistible. Situated high on Noosa Hill, Picture Point Terraces cut an impressive profile. You’ll marvel at the picture perfect views of Laguna Bay spanning all the way across to Noosa Heads. The superb 2, 3 and 4 bedroom apartments will house all sized groups, families are especially welcome and they will love the huge indoor outdoor living spaces. The indoor outdoor floor naturally gravitate north towards the sun out on the deck — where you will find yourselves spending most of your time while in the apartment.

Noosa Family Holidays

This is holiday living at it’s best, with the pool on the lower grounds and a sauna and gym to stay trim and fit. The pool is a great place to relax on one of the sun loungers with a good book and a cold drink. Main Beach is just five minutes away — a Sunshine Coast favourite for families, and always a great place to stay safe and cool.

If you have bigger kids Sunshine Beach is a good alternative to Main Beach where freedom and adventure are bigger priorities. You’ll also find convenience stores, bottle shop and bakery nearby on Sunshine Beach. The Sunshine Beach Surf Club is also nearby. The open door policy means you can order from the bistro something tasty, and a cold drink from the bar. The views from the verandah overlooking the beach are good too.

Back at Noosa Heads a walk on the boardwalk to Little Cove may be an easier escape, either way you’ll find these Hastings Street Noosa luxury apartments quite irresistible. Perched high on Noosa Hill, these Picture Point Terraces offer the perfect backdrop to paint those holiday memories. Book now.