Hastings St Noosa Apartments

Love this Hastings St Noosa apartments, just five minutes up the hill on Picture Point Crescent. These are holiday apartments for all seasons. Actually here in Noosa there are only two seasons. Warm and warmer.

Come and enjoy our luxury holiday accommodation on the Sunshine Coast where it’s always warm and sunny. Picture Point Terraces Noosa is situated on Noosa Hill with magnificent views overlooking Laguna Bay and just five minutes from Noosa Heads. That’s Hastings Street where you’ll find the major Noosa attractions. Main Beach is a great starter. Just across the road from Hastings Street, this is one of Sunshine Coast’s most popular seaside destinations. It’s great for kids with it’s gentle wave, but not as flat that novice surfers can’t catch a wave, because on most days you can, especially on the right hand side of the bay.

You just might enjoy putting down a beach towel, applying the obligatory sunblock and enjoy the rest of the day on the beach. There’s no need to pack much more than your sunnies, swimwear and an towel, because if you start to feel peckish there is always the cafes, restaurants and gelato parlours on Hastings Street where you can grab refreshments.

Noosa National Park

More active holidaymakers can explore the Noosa National Park, by heading overland and south. Eventually the tracks will take you to Sunshine Beach, but equally, you take the coastal route from Main Beach and circumnavigate Tea Tree BayGranite Bay around to Alexandria Bay before doglegging to Devils KitchenCooks Monument and Paradise Caves. You will want to bring a bottle of water and your camera. There’s some seriously beautiful views to capture on your way over or around.

Once you’re on Sunshine Beach you can reward yourself with a long cold drink at the Sunshine Beach Surf Club Restaurant. Open to the public, this is a friendly and casual spot to drop in, and always ready with menus for breakfast, brunch/lunch or dinner.

Love this Hastings St Noosa apartments, just five minutes up the hill on Picture Point Crescent. You will enjoy the lovely climate here in Noosa at Picture Point Terraces where there real are only two seasons. Book now and find your place on the Sunshine Coast.